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Madagascar Adventure Trip : “The Big Boucle”

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Big Boucle Madagascar : A 3 weeks Trip including The Menabe ( Tsiribihina River Descent, Tsingy of Bemaraha, Baobab Alley, Morondava ). The Trail from Morondava to Tuléar ( Belo sur Mer, Morombe, Andavadoka, Salary, Ankay, Ifaty ); it is the most spectacular sandy road all along the West Coast. The last part is on the National Road 7 from Tuléar to Antanarivo ( Isalo, Andringitra, Ambositra, Anstirabe ). This trip is independant of domestic flights. Samde Driver all the time.

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All about the Madagascar Adventure Trip : “The Big Boucle”.

Description : An insolite trip independant of Air Madagascar domestic flights. composed with 3 parts :
– The Menabe : Tsiribihina River Descent , Madagascar
– National Park : Tsingy of Bemaraha, Baobabs Avenue
– Trail Morondava – Tulear via Belo sur Mer Andavadoka and Salary; the 2e part goes along thje coast
– Last Part : south and highlands with madagascar national parks

Period and level : From half may to start november,

Accomodation : 2** , Camp on Tsiribihina, basic hotel in Manjas

Vehicules : 4WD with english speaking driver.

Availinility : Private Trips, we dapt the trip to your dates.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  1. Day 1 Antananarivo

    Meet our team at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Chalet Des Roses

  2. Day 2 Antananarivo - Miandrivazo

    Departure at 8:00 am, head to the ”thermal town” of Antsirabe, down the road we stop at the village of Behenjy which is famous for its ”foie gras”, Ambatolampy known for its artisanal factories of aluminum objects like canner. Arrival in Antsirabe around noon, free lunch; 2:00 pm we hit the road to the West to arrive in the late afternoon / early evening in the village of Miandrivazo, at the royal time, the king Radama awaited his first wife, who was a daughter of Sakalava King’s.Miandrivazo located at sea level, is considered one of the hottest cities in Madagascar. Installation at the hotel Princesse Tsiribihina. Presentation with the guide who will ensure your descent of the river around 7:00 pm for a small briefing. (Step 390 km, 7h00)

  3. Day 3 Miandrivazo - Tsiribihina

    Around 9 am, transfer to the jetty of Masiakampy. It takes an hour in the heart of the savannah to get there. The crew of the barge welcomes you, the cruise will begin late in the morning , you will cross vast cultivated plains, enter into the grooves of Tsiribihina around 2:00 pm; stop in the village of Sahambano and refreshing stop at a huge waterfall. The camp will be set up a little down on a large sandbank. The barges are motor barges once used to transport the tobacco, then arranged to transport tourists. At the rear of the barge is the cockpit, the kitchen. Passengers have seats on the lower deck where meals are served. A staircase to go up one Solarium with sunbed. Camp Full board.

  4. Day 4 Tsiribihina

    The barge continues its navigation in the heart of the meanders of the Tsiribihina river. You will come across boatmen, barges, motor freight destined for local product and means of transport and exchange for the villagers, herds of zebu cattle that cross the river. Along the day you stop to Begidro village’s (which housed tobacco concessions) and Berevo which has a dispensary run by nuns. Landscapes succeed (cliff bats, giant capoquiers, rice fields …). At the end of this day where birds such as herons, teal, knob-billed duck will accompany the crew will find a sandbar for the camp. Camp Full Board

  5. Day 5 Tsiribihina - Belo sur Tsiribihina - Bekopaka Bemaraha

    The village wish you ”Safe journey!”, the barge takes on his way in the west of Belo Tsiribihina; we perceive the first baobabs. Lunch on board the barge. End of descent around noon. The car gets us in Belo Tsiribihina, depending on season and rainfall it takes between 3h or 5h of track to reach Bekopaka, which is the starting point of the excursion in the Tsingy of Bemaraha. (Step 120 km track – 4h). Orchidées du Bemaraha

  6. Day 6 Bekopaka Bemaraha

    After breakfast, we will go for an excursion on a traditional pirogue all along the Manambolo river; it lasts around 1 hour and a half. We will see caves, Vazimba Tombs ( Vazimba were the first ethny leaving in Madagascar) , birds. Then we will visit the ”small Tsingy”, walk through the famous world unique limestone. This ballad is a very easy level, lasts around 2 hours. After the visit, we come back to the hotel.Orchidées du Bemaraha

  7. Day 7 Bekopaka Bemaraha

    In the morning departure with the 4WD from Bekopaka to join the starting point of ”Grands Tsingy” ( 17 kms of very bumpy road, it will take from 1 to 2 hours driving according the season ). The trip is called ”Andamozavakay”, it takes around 4 hours It is not a trek but a slow and observation walk. This does not requiere a particular physical condition, but it is not good for those subject to vertigo or claustrophobia. During the hike we will discover: secondary forest, caves (bring a headlamp) of the diaclases, panoramic views of this unique massif in the world. We cross a suspension bridge. The set is perfectly safe and very well laid out by the National Park that provides safety harnesses. If we’re not too tired we can continue the ride by a recent circuit called Broadway circuit 30 minutes to 1 hour through subterranean galleries.
    Alternative: to discover the great Tsingy of a shorter and less ”sporty” manner, the tour RANOTSARA takes 2:30 , we can see a panorama of the Grand Tsingy. Back to the hotel after the visit Orchidées du Bemaraha

  8. Day 8 Bekopaka Bemaraha - Morondava

    Departure at 7:30 am, we return on an off road  to join Belo Tsiribihina. Lunch advised at  the restaurant ”Mad Zebu,” one of the best in Madagascar. We cross  the Tsiribihina by a ferry boat (45 minutes crossing). It will remain 2h30 to 3 hours to reach Morondava. We can stop at the baobabs alley to enjoy the sunset and take pictures. Arrival at the hotel Sun Beach in the early evening. (Step 220 km – 7-8 hours of track)

  9. Day 9 Morondava - Belo sur Mer

    In the morning, transfer by car to reach Belo sur Mer known for its traditional sites. The landscape consists of ’bush’ and skeletal vegetation that are resistant to prolonged drought. You will cross the first stepping Kabatomena, about 150m wide then that of Maharivo. Installation at the hotel. (90km – 4 to 5 hours) Entremer.

  10. Day 10 Belo sur Mer

    Free activities at Belo sur Mer .The hotel can organize or advise excursions like ”the site construction of the dhow and fishermen town” , Excursions by foot (Menaky – snorkeling, salt port) by sailing canoes (Menaky, coral islands – snorkeling, whale) or by motorboat (Islands, Park Moth – flamingos, baobabs), and by car (Salines, Ankoasifaka -. sifaka, grave) ”.

  11. Day 11 Belo sur Mer - Morombe

    Departure very early around 5am for a very long day on track (approximately 11 hours) to reach the town of Morombe. Halfway we cross the river Mangoky. You can split the day into 2 with overnight at Manja, only one choice of hotel on-site which is very simple. (Step 260 km – 11 pm). Chez Katia.

  12. Day 12 Morombe - Salary

    We will begin a very nice track for the coming days, probably the most beautiful coast of Madagascar. In the mid-morning for a little break after the exhausted track, we can stop at Andavadoaka (very beautiful coves) . Majestic baoabs and casuarina forests will line the track. Then continuation to Salary quiet and beautiful site. Installation at the hotel. (Step 130 km – 3h30). Salary Bay

  13. Day 13 Salary

    Free activities in Salary Bay. The hotel offers different land and seaside activities: scuba diving historical theme with vestiges of British Portuguaises and wrecks, whales outing in July / August, excursion on pirogue (meetings with Vezo, nomads of the sea), the forest Mikeas of isolated tribe refusing all contact with civilization. Salary Bay

  14. Day 14 Salary - Tuléar (Toliary)

    We take again the track which portions along the coast and offer magnificent views of the Mozambique Channel. We pass by Ankasy and Ifaty to reach Tulear. Installation at the hotel Moringa. (Step 120 km – 4 hours)

  15. Day 15 Tuléar (Toliary) - Ranohira (Isalo)

    Head to Ranohira in the morning , desert landscape where thorny plants emerge. We visit the Arboretum of Antsokay at the entrance to the South Tulear grouping typical flora and many endemic medicinal plants in Madagascar. Passage of the country Mahafaly, overlooking the famous tombs of the same name, topped by large carved posts called ”Aloalo”. Crossing villages gems of researchers which the best known is Ilakaka, the city sapphire. Installation at the hotel in the one site Isalo Western décor which presents a variety of majestic landscapes, impressive canyons, rock formations carved by erosion. (Step 215 Km – 4h). Isalo Ranch.

  16. Day 16 Ranohira (Isalo)

    The Isalo National Park, crisscrossed by rivers and tributaries, extends over 81,540 hectares. This massive ruiniform is a sandstone plateau continental Jurassic. Heavily eroded, only the parceled witnessed by the sandy valleys and canyons remained. A truly exceptional show! There are many possible circuits in the park. We can make a walk in the morning and another in the afternoon or even make a complete loop in the day, the hotel can prepare you a picnic. We include two circuits which can be combined as follow :
    – The cascade of the Nymphs : Easy level up to the waterfall, can be extended through the rugged trails to the black and blue swimming pools in the middle of lush vegetation.
    – The natural pool : easy level, done in half a day, the water is very clear, we can swim (a little cool from June to August ). Since the pool, the park guide will take you to a lookout 10 minutes of the site (for panoramic view of Isalo)

  17. Day 17 Ranohira (Isalo) - Andringitra

    We continue the descent to the National 7 about 5 hours. We pass through countries ethnicity ”Bara”, zebu breeders. Crossing the tray of  Horombe. Before the arrival of Ambalavao, bifurcation towards the Tsaranoro Valley. (Step 210 km, 5 hours) Tsara Camp.

  18. Day 18 Andringitra - Fianarantsoa

    A guided tour in the Valley of Tsaranoro. The walks are not lacking on the site and you can choose on the spot according to your physical condition. Among these, the chameleon circuit is more complete (duration maximum 6 hours) you will cross the Sacred Forest Tsaranoro cemetery of the inhabitants of the valley. The morning, you will have a good chance to see lemurs Catta reheating the sun. After climb towards Tsaranoro , we turn to go cross the stream that comes from the top. A short break for refreshing and we go back along the stream up lead on the board. Then you branch off on left towards the top of Langera called “The Chameleon”. A last steep slope, we must be carefull , reaching the edge where you can enjoy the scenery while at leisure. Picnic, or just a snack in
    depending on the time, then you descend towards the village of Morarano, the car gets you. If step falls on a Wednesday or Thursday morning you can attend one of the largest marketsof the Zebu: thousands of heads are delivered twice a week. Special entertainment prevails. Drive to Ambalavao,the capital of zebu is also known for its factory Antaimoro Paper and beautiful silk weaving shop. Continuation to Fianarantsoa we cross the vineyards (possibility of wine tasting ”Lazan’ny Betsielo”). . Installation at a Guest House or hotel in downtown (Step 130km – 1h30). Hôtel Cotsoyannis.

  19. Day 19 Fianarantsoa - Antoetra

    Visit of the Upper Town of Fianarantsoa: the original site of the city with its traditional houses and many churches. Highland road in the heart of Betsileo. Landscape of rice field terraces. Before arrival at Ambositra we take a bifurcation to Antoetra birthplace of Zafimaniry country. Installation in a very nice Ecologe. (Step 180 km, 3h30) Sous le Soleil de Mada.

  20. Day 20 Antoetra - Antsirabe

    Visit of the village of Antoetra; Immersion in Zafimaniry country. Then we reach to Ambositra artisanal capital. It will remain 1h30 of road before Antsirabe. Installation at the hotel (Step 132 km – 2 h). Chambre du Voyageur.

  21. Day 21 Antsirabe - Antananarivo

    City tour after the breakfast: we will visit a particular miniatures shops (rickshaws, bicycle, and trucks). The gem (amethyst, tourmaline, garnet …) are one of the main attractions of Antsirabe. The craftsman ”Chez Joseph” may make cutting demonstrations gems. Continuation of the road through the highlands to Ambatolampy known for its handicraft factories objects whose aluminum pots to the capital. Installation at the hotel. (Step 170 kms, 3h30) Chalet des Roses.

  22. Day 22 Antananarivo

    Pick up at your hotel and transfer to the airport. End of our services.

Public rates 2019 in Euros TTC per person

Public rates 2019 in Euros TTC per person

Nb Persons Nb 4WD Euros / person
2 1 2 475 €
3 1 1 979  €
4 1 1 740 €
Single Room Supplement : 446 Euros

Booking Modalities

Confirmation by email of the present trip.
After Espace Mada confirmation of hotels, transport and flights availability’s : Deposit of 30% of the total amount plus domestic flights by bank transfer Balance before departure inTana :

  • CB Visa only or Master Card.
  • Cash Euros.
The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
  • Night on base double room
  • Touristic Stamp
  • Half Board except in Tana ( B and B )
  • 4WD with english speaking driver from day 2 to day 21
  • Driver allowancies, Gasoline
  • Local Ferry crossing
  • Tsiribihina River descent base full board
  • Barge, gasoline, Staff
  • Guide for the 3 days descent
  • Camp Equipment
  • Guidind and entrance fees Tsingy of Bemaraha, l’Isalo, l’Andringitra
  • All transfers airport – hotel – airport
  • Drinks extra and tips
  • International flights
  • Lunch except on Tsiribihina included, diners in Tananarive