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Tsingy of Bemaraha


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“Pointus” Rocks: Western Tsingy

From Morondava or at the end of the Tsiribihina River Descent, discovery of the Tsingy in National Park of Bemaraha
4-Day / 3 Nights or 3 Days / 2 Nights Tour
Access to Tsingy Park from mid-April / Start of May  to mid-November maximum
Unesco-listed reserve: World Heritage Site
More information on MNP site :

Tours to Bemaraha

. The formule we offer is on a small circuit of 3 or 4 days
. If you want the package to be integrated into tours from the capital we offer:
Over 1 week, the Descent of the Tsiribihina and Tsingy of bemaraha: Tour Menabe
Over 2 weeks, The Combined West / High Plateaus / National 7: Tsiribihina Tsingy National Road 7
Over 3 weeks west, the Morondava Tulear trail and the N7: The Big Boucle with Espace Mada

Barack Obama spotlight for Tsingy

The Obama couple made documentaries dedicated to the most beautiful national parks in the world : Article Barack Obama Tsingy

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