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Travel Agency in Madagascar

Espace Mada

Want to discover Madagascar: splendid and incredibly diverse in terms of climates, landscapes and cultures, fly to Red Island with Espace Mada!

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Madagascar is multiple, Madagascar can be a discovery trip with its long crossing by the southern route, can be a relaxing stay between Diego Suarez and Nosy Be or even a > sports tripthrough the Tsingy du Bemaraha and its national parks or even a solidarity trip. As a family, as a couple or with friends, there will be an itinerary just for you! For a personalized and exceptional trip, entrust its organization to Espace Mada!

Local travel agency, pioneer in organizing stays in Madagascar, Espace Mada and its teams of travel advisors know this fascinating and endearing destination perfectly. They will know how to prepare your trip according to your tastes and wishes. Below you will find our thematic selection to prepare your stay on the Big Island

Recent Article in the French press: The 8 natural wonders of Madagascar Le Figaro Article from August 7, 2022

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Which regions to choose for your stay in Madagascar ?

Madagascar could be divided 5 main tourist poleswith major and unmissable sites. Espace Mada travel advisers will offer you the combination of these regions of these regions and their emblematic sites that best suits your wishes and will work with you to build the trip of your dreams.

The Center, Antananarivo and its surroundings, the starting point for many circuits.

The central “plateau”, or the highlands, has many historical, cultural, artisanal interests and multiple natural beauties. The historical heritage swill be discovered on the 12 hills of the capital also called “city of miles“. The rice fields, true wonders, cross this region and will punctuate your trip. Towns and villages crossed will be the opportunity to meet populations and artisans; to taste the culinary specialties of the big island.

Tour idea : Highlands and East

The four main regions

1 – The South, The Great South and its gateway to Isalo

Heading towards a succession of wide open spaces, canyons, eroded massifs,, dry vegetation, from Andringitra to Isalo, the South is a true paradise of wild nature, harmoniously converging towards arid landscapes of sandy tracks to train us towards lagoons and the turquoise waters ofAnakao and Fort Dauphin.

2 –The West and its spectacular sites.

The West is recognized for its emblematic Tsingy du Bemaraha, a geological curiosity classified as World Heritage; this stone forest constitutes an unique landscape and an extraordinary experience. The paths that will lead you there will be so many moments of discovery and adventure. Taking the Tsiribhina river to the rhythm of barges and canoes will be an opportunity to discover picturesque villages, cultivated plains, natural pools, waterfalls and observe turtles, herons, humpback ducks and the famous crocodiles. From Tsingy du Bemaraha you will join the famous and unforgettable Baobab alley before reaching the town of Morondava

Circuit idea over 1 week : Le Menabe : Tsiribihina Tsingy du Bemaraha Alley of the Baobabs
With Combination of Hauts Plateaux over 2 weeks : West and Highlands
With Combination Coastal Track Morondava Tuléar – Hauts Plateaux over 3 weeks: The big Boucle

3 – The North: Antsiranana and Nosy Be, a harmonious marriage between nature and turquoise
The main seaside resorts are located there. Nosy Be and its surrounding islands will delight lovers of the seabed, snorkeling and diving. Lovers of idleness by the white sand beaches, you are also welcome! The Bay of Antsiranana also called Diego Suarez, he second largest bay in the world, offers different and wild seaside sites. The Bay of Antsiranana also called Diego Suarez, he second largest bay in the world, offers different and wild seaside sites. Near the coasts, two national parks are a paradise for walkers and lovers of fauna and flora : The Amber Mountain is its endemic species, the Tsingy massifs with two different geologies : Tsingy gris The gray Tsingy of Ankarana and the Tsingy of red laterite.
4 – East: the greenest region of the island.

The east of Madagascar is characterized as a whole by itsprimary forests, humid and lush, which provide perfect refuges for many species of lemurs, reptiles and amphibians. From the Andasibe reserve, passing through Mantadia even going to Masoala, Maroantsetra and its bay of Antongil, this is an unique opportunity to meet these endemic species of animals and plants. Eastern Madagascar is also the astonishing Pangalanes Canal separated from the Indian Ocean by a two-sided strip of land on one side of lush vegetation and white sand on the other. A true seaside destination on the east coast, the paradisiacal and authentic Ile Ste Marie, Nosy Boraha, is also the place to observe humpback whales from July to September.

Espace Mada is receptive to :

Hotel Princesse Tsiribihina

Espace Mada opened a charming hotel in Miandrivazo on May 1, 2012: “Princesse Tsiribihina”. This new structure is an ideal place to stay on the eve of your trip down the Tsiribihina River, or as a stopover before reaching Morondava…


Espace Mada history

Espace Mada founder: Guillaume Pousse, born in 1966 in Antananarivo came back to his native country in 1997. After 10 years working as logisticien on sports events, (Paris – Dakar, Paris Moscou – Pékin, Tour de France Cycliste, Raid Gauloises), Guillaume has choosed Madagascar to take profit of his experience. Espace Mada Team is strong more than 20 years of experience, represented by 15 persons, has its own vehicles and barges.

Espace Mada will help you for your Madagascar Trip.

Espace Mada Hotel : in 2012 : Espace Mada has opened a charm hotel closed to Miandrivazo before ¨Princesse Tsiribihina », Princesse Tsiribihina provides 12 confort rooms, restaurant and swimming pool

In 2013, Espace Mada was equipped with the “Granit / Safari” reservation / quotation software which integrates a complete database of Madagascar tourism services. This Software allows us to process 25 quotes per day, and for any tailor-made Tour in Madagascar, a detailed travel itinerary proposal in Madagascar, day per day we send a quote within 24 hours..

In 2018,Espace Mada has its own office, located in Ankarahobato, south Antananarivo, 300 m2 for the office and 500 m2 for vehicle park and stock. Espace Mada Travel Agency Specialist of Madagascar.


We have a unique way of meeting your adventurous expectations!

Manager's message

«Madagascar is an incredible destination ;the size of the Island,its variety of landscapes and population,make of Madagascar one the more fassinating countrrieswhere every day is a discover.
Trips are based on adventures an meetings. We garantee “long souvenirs”.Madagascar,Madagascar, you must discover it, our work is that you enjoy it…»

Guillaume Pousse



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