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Espace Mada organizes tours for your vacation all around the Big Island.

Adventure and discovery tours supervised by drivers / guides including the Tsiribihina River Descent, Tsingy of Bemaraha, parks and nature reserves, and closed encounters with rural population.

Photo Crédits : Jean Philippe Vidal – Maxence Bigey –
Guillaume Pousse


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Espace Mada Tour Operator organizes tours for your vacation on the Big Island :

adventure and discovery tours supervised by drivers / guides including the Tsiribihina River Descent, Tsingy if Bemaraha, parks and reserves of Madagascar, and close encounters of the population rural.

Photo Crédits : Jean Philippe Vidal – Maxence Bigey –
Guillaume Pousse

comfort and tranquility
biodiversity and authenticity
unforgettable experiences
meeting and best moments
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New Tour Madagascar :

The Road to the North” from Tananarive circuit joining Diego by road, via Ankarafantsika Park, Cocoa Plantations in Ambanja, Tsingy of Ankarana, Red Tsingy and Amber Mountain.

The Great Classics :

. The National 7 Parks and Nature Reserves
. West Tsiribihina and Tsingy
. East Perinet Pangalanes Sainte Marie
. North Diego Nosy Be

The Most Complet and Original :

. The Big Boucle West, Morondava Tulear, National 7

Espace Mada works with :

Austral Voyages Réunion,
Agencija Oskar,Equatour,Meltours,
Passion Outre Mer,Ravinala Reiser,
Saint Maur Voyages,
Song Lines Viaggi,
Terres Voyages,
Ulys Voyages

Espace Mada works with :

Adéo les confins du monde,
Austral Voyages Réunion,
Agencija Oskar,
Passion Outre Mer,
Discovery Expeditions,
Saint Maur Voyages,
Song Lines Viaggi,
Terres Voyages,

Hôtel Princesse Tsiribihina

Hotel Princesse Tsiribihina

Princesse Tsiribihina Miandrivazo

Epace Mada has opened on the 1st May 2012 at Miandrivazo a new hotel “Princesse Tsiribihina”. This new structure is an ideal stop before the Tsiribihina River Tsiribihina, or before reaching Morondava ……


Espace Mada History

Guillaume Pousse, born in 1966 in Antananarivo came back to his native country in 1997. After 10 years work as logistician on sports events, ( Paris – Dakar, Paris Moscou – Pékin, Tour de France Dycliste, Raid Gauloises ), he has choosed Madagascar to take profit of his experience..

Espace Mada Team is strong more than 20 years of experience, represented by 20 persons, has its own vehicles and barges. We will help you for your Madagascar Trip.

Recent : in 2012 Espace Mada has opened a charm hotel closed to Miandrivazo before Tsiribihina River Descent : Princesse Tsiribihina provides 12 confort rooms, restaurant and swimining pool

New Tour Madagascar : in 2014 , Madagascar trekking trip includng Pic Boby Ascension. The Trip Parks and Reserves for Madagascar fauna / flora is very appreciated.

In 2018 Espace Mada has its own office, located in Ankarahobato, south Tananarive, 300 m2 for the office and 500 m2 for vehicule park and stock. Espace Mada Tour Operator Specialist of Madagascar.


We have a unique way to satisfy your adventurous expectations!

Manager's message

Guillaume Pousse Espace Mada Manager

«Madagascar is an incredible destination ;
the size of the Island,its variety of landscapes and population,
make of Madagascar one the more fassinating countrries
where every day is a discover.

Trips are based on adventures an meetings. We garantee “long souvenirs”.
Madagascar you must discover it,
our work is that you enjoy it.»


Guillaume Pousse

Espace Mada team’s welcomes you….


They talk about us

Meilleurs spécialistes de l’Ouest Malgache

Ce prestataire sérieux et compétent est l’un des meilleurs spécialistes de l’Ouest Malgache:
descente de la Tsiribihina, Tsingy du Bemaraha, circuits sur mesure…

L’un des spécialistes incontournables de l’Ouest et du Sud Malgache…

Descente de la Tsiribihina, route du sud, et route circulaire vers Tuléar et Morondava en remontant par la côte du Capricorne. Grande connaissance des sites visités, Guillaume qui dirige l’agence en plus d’être avenant possède une longue expérience à Madagascar et peut vous fournir de précieux conseils. Son professionnalisme est indiscutable ( à ce jour aucune critqiue à l’encontre de l’agence). Des itinéraires sur mesure sont tout à fait possibles..