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From Antananarivo to Tulear and  Anakao : guided walks in Antsirabe rural area, in Zafimaniry Country, Pic Boby ascension, national parks : Ranomafana and Isalo. Relax the last days at Anakao ( also spot for divers ).

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All about the Trekking Madagascar.

Period : All the year excepting the month of  february.

Level : Requires good Walker; Pic Boby elevation : 2 500 meters.

Accomodation : 2 stars hotels, camp during Andringitra Trek.

Vehicule / Transport : a 4WD with english speaking driver, english speaking guides during the treks

Availibility : It is a private tour, we arrange it according your dates.

Domestic lights : We can book domestic flghts with Tsaradia the local company.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

  1. Day 1 Antananarivo

    Meet our team at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Belvédere.

  2. Day 2 Antananarivo - Antsirabe

    Picked up at your hotel by your driver who can take you to the upper town to admire the view of the capital ( Haute Ville ). Then, departing for the town of Antsirabe, you will stop along the way to the village of Behenjy famous for its foie gras, and to Ambatolampy known for its artisanal manufactures of aluminum objects including pots. Continuation to Antsirabe: the landscape and the environment reveal rich laterite lands, typical Imerina villages, Catholic or Protestant churches, lively markets. Arrival in Antsirabe, installation at the hotel. Then exit to Tritriva Lake located at 15 kms western of the city. It is one of the large crater lakes quite mysterious whose shape evokes the map of Madagascar. This lake also has its legend: two lovers whose parents refused marriage ended their day by drowning hand in hand. Back to the hotel. (Step 170 kms, 3h30) La Chambre du Voyageur.

  3. Day 3 Antsirabe - Antoetra

    A rural guided walk around Manandona (located 20 kms South of Antsirabe), picnic included. It consists to visit the villages and It is about 3h to 5h of walk. Discover an old farmers village and wild silk, Protective ditches (or hadivory), the famous ”tamboho” of old time, You will also be brought to meet different types of customs (Famadiana, Famorana, Ala volon-jaza), which may reflect the culture of Malagasy people (season: June, July, August, September). You go for a walking tour in the rural countryside, crossing rice fields and small villages in the area, schools and meeting the real highlands peasant that will make you discover their daily life Folksongs and dancing around a fire with the villagers and families who welcome us at the end of the afternoon (Tandonaka). Then, head to Ambositra the capital of craft;  famous for its marquetry and sculptures. At the exit of the city  we take a bifurcation  for the village of Antoetra , the birthplace of Zafimaniry Country. Installation to Ecolodge Sous le Soleil de Mada. (Step: 132 kms – 2h30)

  4. Day 4 Antoetra - Ranomafana

    A guided walk with picnic from Antoetra to the village of Ifasina. Immersion in Zafimaniry  country. It is 4 to 5 hours two-way trip. Then we continue to Ranomafana. Arrival late in the  afternoon. (Step: 241 Kms – 4h45)  Accomodation Chez Gaspard

  5. Day 5 Ranomafana

    Ranomafana is a park that covers 41,601 ha of forest. In 2007, it was ranked Heritage as World Natural of the Atsinanana (”The East”) .It shelters a rich endemic biodiversity, which includes rare species of lemur. The park  is also the genetic reservoir of rare and  some endemic plant species. It is traversed by many rivers that are tributaries of the river Namorona; visit of 2 to 4 hours we can adapt the visit. According to fitness. Then visit of typical village around 1h30 in the heart Tanala, which is located 15 kms in the south of Ranomafana which has 53 homes. We will visit a small royal palace, a school, a home. Meeting and exchange with farmers and we will hear songs and see a traditional dances.

  6. Day 6 Ranomafana - Ambalavao

    Road via Fianarantsoa to Ambalavao  Visit of the Anja reserve which is near to the road and it is run by a villagers association. We discover many species of lemurs. Possibility of visiting the factory Antaimoro paper. Installation at the lodge. Ambalavao is located on the borders of Highlands and of the Betsileo country, nestled in a valley surrounded by granite mountains and dominated by the massif of Andringitra and Boby peak. This is the starting point for the trek to the boby Peak. (Step 115 Kms – 2h15). Hotel Tsinenimaparihy Lodge

  7. Day 7 Ambalavao - Andringitra / Vallée du Tsaranoro

    An early departure tpwards the Andringitra Mountain range. Along the way, you can enjoy visiting the vineyardss Soavita and taste their wines. In Ambalavao, visit a workshops of handicraft Antaimoro paper and silk. From here, you attack the track that leads to the entrance of the national park for about 45 km.Beautiful scenery that you have enough time to contemplate cause of the state of the track. In Namoly you enter in the park and begin your first day of hiking to go to th royal bath called ”Asaramanitra” and join the capment at Andriampotsy, over a period about 4 hours of walking and 400 m of elevation. Our first camp will take place at Andriampotsy at the foot of hyge granite cliffs, at 2050 m of altitud. CAMP

  8. Day 8 Andringitra / Vallée du Tsaranoro

    The summit is located in the crest which is very exposed to the eastern climate influences with a very humid smog could quickly cover the summit; and may spoil the beautiful climb to this prestigious peak of Madagascar. After only 2h 30 minutes of walk you will reach the peak, and enjoy a wonderful view of the whole region. In very good weather, even the massif of Isalo a bit far on the south can be seen. Descended from the pick then on the circuit ”extra-terrestrial; once the trip continues you will understand soon why this tour is called thus. Strange surreal lunar landscape setting in mountainous surroundings that you won’t easily forget. On the descent after this beautiful landscape you cross the forest of endemic Palm called ”ravenea glauca” continuation to the camping site of Iantaranomby for the night. CAMP.

  9. Day 9 Andringitra / Vallée du Tsaranoro

    Departure after breakfast for the descent of the Valley of Tsaranoro. Possibility of spotting the Pachypodium of enchyflorum, different species of aloe and lizards. Once on the foot of the massif, the path continues through several villages in the Barabory; Bara and Betsileo culture mixes. From the village of Morarano, you start the cross of this beautiful valley of the Tsaranoro to finish on Camp Catta. Camp Catta / Equiped Tent.

  10. Day 10 Andringitra / Vallée du Tsaranoro - Ranohira (Isalo)

    The road is a track before finding the N7 for around five hours: the landscape becomes more desert. Crossing the plateau of Horombe. We move to Bara’s countries one of the ethnic group of the Island, known for the breeding of zebu. Arrival at the end of the afternoon at Isalo, exceptional site in Western decor which presents a variety of majestic landscapes, impressive canyons, rock formations carved by erosion. Installation at the hotel Isalo Ranch. (Step 210 kms, 5 h)

  11. Day 11 Ranohitra ( Isalo )

    The Isalo National Park, criss-crossed by rivers and tributaries, covers 81,540 hectares. This ruiniform massif is a plateau of continental sandstone dating from the Jurassic. Heavily eroded, only witnesses fragmented by the sandy valleys and canyons remained. A truly exceptional show! There are several possible walking tours in the park. For example, you can take a walk in the morning and another in the afternoon or even make a complete loop during the day, a village association can prepare you a lunch in the middle of nature. We include 2 circuits that can be combined including:
    The natural pool ( Piscine Naturelle ): easy level, takes place in half a day, the water is very clear, you can swim there (fresh from June to August). From the pool, the park guide will take you to a lookout 10 minutes from the site (panoramic view of the Isalo)
    The waterfall of the Nymphs ( Cascade des Nymphes ): easy level up to the waterfall, it can be extended via rugged paths to the black and blue pools in the heart of lush vegetation.

  12. 12e Jour Ranohira - Anakao

    Morning departure from Ranohira; 3:30 of drive to join Tuléar, Transfer by boat to Anakao Settle in hotel Longo Vezo.

  13. Days 13 and 14 Anakao

    Relaxing stay at the hotel in Anakao which offers serveral types of activities like : a Vezo pirogue trip along the reef up to the small island of Nosy Ve (we can admire the Phaethon), diving, fishing, snorkelling or kite surfing.. Longo Vezo

  14. Day 15 Anakao - Tulear - Antananarivo

    Transfer by boat back to Tuléar from Anakao, then untill the airport. Fly back to Tanà. Transfer to your hotel.. Belvédère

  15. Day 16 Antananarivo

    City tour in Antananarivo, beginning with the hightown where there is the Queen palace, Continuing to the independance avenue, limited by the railway station. Passing the artificial lake Anosy after and ending with the handicraft market to buy some souvenirs. Pick up at hotel and assistance at the airport to fly back home.

Paysages Ruraux Antsirabe

Paysages Ruraux Antsirabe

Randonnée dans l'Andringitra

Randonnée dans l'Andringitra

Pirogue Vezo Anakao

Pirogue Vezo Anakao

Public rates 2020 in Euros TTC per person

Public rates 2020 in Euros TTC per person

Numbers Persons Euros per person
2 1 895 €
3 1 546 €
4 1 390 €
Single Room Supplement : 210 Euros

Booking Modalities / Payment

Confirmation by email of the present trip.
After Espace Mada confirmation of availabilities hotels, transport and flights :Deposit of 30% of the total amount plus domestic flights by bank transfer or Online Payment – Balance before departure in Tana :

  • CB Visa or Master Card


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
  • Accommodation base double(s) Room(s)
  • Necessary tourist taxes.
  • Half-board (Breakfasts and Dinners)
  • Vehicle 4WD with English speaking driver from Day 2 to Day 12
  • Indemnity and daily fees of the driver.
  • Fuels
  • Return of the car from Toliary to Tana
  • All transfers airport – hotel – airport
  • Transfers on boat Toliary – Anakao – Toliary
  • Entry and guide fees within the national parks and reserves (Tritriva, Ranomafana, Tanala Village, Anja, Andringitra, Isalo)
  • Hiking around Manandona and Zafimaniry Village, (picnic lunch offered)
  • Hiking and bivouac within the national park of Andringitra on full board :
    Guide, porters, cook
    Entrance and guide fees
    Full board, Mats and tents
  • Drinks, extra and tips, personal fees; Lunches
  • Lunches a part from the trekking in Manandona, Antoetra and Andringitra
  • Sleeping bag and headlamp during the camping in Andringitra
  • Domestic flights Tulear – Tana
  • Internationals Flights.